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Resulting Publications

  • Absalon-Medina, V., et al. 2012a. Limitations and potentials of dual-purpose cow herds in central coastal Veracruz, México. Tropical Animal Health and Production 44(6): 1131-1142. + More
  • Absalon-Medina, V., et al. 2012b. Economic analysis of alternative nutritional management of dual-purpose cow herds in central coastal Veracruz, México. Tropical Animal Health and Production 44(6): 1143-1150. + More
  • Baba, K. 2007. Analysis of Productivity, Nutritional Constraints and Management Options in Beef Cattle Systems of Eastern Yucatán, México: A case study of cow-calf productivity in herds of Tizimín, Yucatán. + More
  • Blake, R., Sanchez-Blake, E., Castillo, D.. Crossing Borders: Academe and Cultural Agency in Agricultural Research. Journal of Agricultural Science, North America, 7, jan. 2015. Date accessed: 23 Mar. 2015.+ More
  • Blake, R. W. 2008. Perspectives on livestock research for the tropical world: Cattle genetic resource utilization. Chapter 1 (pages 1-17, in Spanish) in Durán, C. V. and R. Campos (eds). Perspectivas de Conservación, Mejoramiento y Utilización de Recursos Genéticos Criollos y Colombianos en los Nuevos Escenarios del Mejoramiento Animal. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. 161 pp. ISBN: 978-958-8095-44-8. + More
  • Blake, R. W., and C. F. Nicholson. 2004. Livestock, land use change, and environmental outcomes in the developing world. Pages 133-153 (Chapter 9) in Responding to the Livestock Revolution - the role of globalization and implications for poverty alleviation. (Owen et al., eds.). Nottingham University Press, UK. + More
  • Bourne, D., J. Maitima, B. Motsamai, R. Blake, C. Nicholson, and F. Sunstøl. 2005. Livestock and the environment. Pages 145-165 (Chapter 9) in Livestock and Wealth Creation: Improving the husbandry of animals kept by resource-poor people in developing countries. (Owen, E., A. Kitalyi, N. Jayasuriya, and T. Smith, eds.). Nottingham University Press, Nottingham, UK.
  • Cristóbal-Carballo, O. 2009. Management of Heifer Growth in Dual-purpose Cattle Systems in the Low Huasteca Region of Veracruz, México (unpublished MS thesis). + More
  • McRoberts, K., et al. 2013. Group model building to assess rural dairy cooperative feasibility in south-central México. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review 16(3): 55-98. + More | + Video
  • Parsons, D., et al. 2011a. Development and evaluation of an integrated simulation model for assessing smallholder crop-livestock production in Yucatan, México. Agricultural Systems 104: 1-12. + More
  • Parsons, D., et al. 2011b. Application of a simulation model for assessing integration of smallholder shifting cultivation and sheep production in Yucatan, México. Agricultural Systems 104: 13-19. + More
  • Parsons, D., et al. 2011. Effects of weed control and manure application on nutrient fluxes in the shifting cultivation milpa system of Yucatán. Archives Agronomy and Soil Science. 57(3): 273-292. + More
  • Parsons, D., et al. 2009. Managing maize production in shifting cultivation milpa systems in Yucatán, through weed control and manure application. Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment 133(1-2): 123-134. + More

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