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Short-Term Training

UADY Professor Armín Ayala B. visited Cornell University, April 18-May 6, 2005. The purpose of this visit was to discuss research collaboration opportunities in ruminant nutrition. For more information, see Dr. Ayala's trip report.

An August-October 2005 program was held at Cornell University for a cadre of Mexican professors and graduate students. The cadre included two UADY professors (Guillermo Ríos and Juan Magaña), two UADY doctoral students (Valentín Cárdenas and Fernando Duarte), one UV professor (Eduardo Canudas), and an INIFAP research scientist (Gabriel Díaz Padilla). See the trip reports by the UADY team and by Dr. Canudas.

    Principal training activities include:
  • Take the course, AEM 494, Introduction to System Dynamics Modeling. This course provides an introduction to the basic concepts of system dynamics (SD) modeling: stocks, flows and feedback processes that are inherent in nearly all social, environmental and economic systems. The course will cover in detail the first three steps of the standard SD modeling process, including:
    • identification and articulation of dynamic problem behaviors
    • mapping system structure underlying those dynamic behaviors
    • the use and evaluation of computable system dynamics models
    These steps will be illustrated through applications to dynamic problems in agriculture, natural resources, economics, and business. Through the lab and homework exercises, students will also gain familiarity with commonly-used SD software tools. This course presents system dynamics concepts with a minimum of mathematical formalism. A previous course in calculus is helpful, but knowledge of differential equations is not required. The principal goal is to develop intuition and conceptual understanding. Text: Sterman (2000) Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking and Modeling for a Complex World. Supplemental Text: Ford (1999) Modeling the Environment.
  • Participate in two core courses on the joint teaching platform for the fall semester (AnSc 640, IARD 402)
  • Discuss and plan collaborative research activities (including projects of MS students Nabté and Absalón)
  • Plan field trips and core courses for the spring semester (AnSc 400, IARD 602)
  • Meet various Cornell faculty members to learn about their research and Cornell academic programs

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